The analysis of Deut 30:1-3

Moon-Ryul Jung moon at
Sat Mar 9 10:05:29 EST 2002

based on your post, I think you would prefer the rendering of NRSV, which
seems to be the majority reading. 

> [NRSV]  30.1 When all these things have happened to you, the blessings and
> the curses that I have set before you, if you call them to mind among all
> the nations where the LORD your God has driven you,30:2 and return to the
> LORD your God, and you and your children obey him with all your heart and
> with all your soul, just as I am commanding you today,30:3 then the LORD
> your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you, gathering
> you again from all the peoples among whom the LORD your God has scattered
> you.

The question comes down to: we do have cases of We+HaYah Ki^ + S1
 We + S2, where S2 is a conditional statement?

Even if there are such cases, I would like to argue for my reading for
the following reasons:

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