w+x+yqtl in a sequence of weqtl's

David Stabnow dstabno at lifeway.com
Fri Mar 8 13:37:10 EST 2002

Sergey Lyosov wrote: "The shift from wqtl to wX yqtl in Deut 30:8 can be
explained simply as accompanying the change of subject."

Change of subject frequently takes place without any "X".  In fact, in v. 9
the subject switches back to God without the "X".  Why did the author use
the "X" in this case?  And why this particular "X" -- the pronominal

On the other hand, maybe you are on to something: this is the only clause
in the paragraph with "you" as the subject.  All other independent clauses
have God as the subject.  My previous submission notwithstanding, this may
be a contrast: "God will do all this, and as for you, you will obey."

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