w+x+yqtl in a sequence of weqtl's

S. L. lyosovs at cityline.ru
Fri Mar 8 12:17:31 EST 2002

   It seems to me that you are speaking about Galia Hatav, an Israeli/USA
author, in that case it is 'she' rather than 'he'. Or am I mistaken? Could
you please give me the bibliographical reference?
  About  this wX yqtl in the  promise context: I would call this kind of
verbal chains  'narrative about conditioned/stipulated future',   as against
narrative about past events, because usually the coming about of this future
sequence of events is conditioned by some injunctive verbal form or  its
semantic equivalent: 'Do this, so that/in order that something happen(s)
...' or 'do this, and then so-and-so will happen'. The shift from wqtl to wX
yqtl in Deut 30:8 can be explained simply as accompanying the change of
subject: wnatan 'and YHWH will give',  - and as far as you are concerned  -
w`atta:  ta:$uB w$a:ma'ta:   'you will listen once more'. If the writer
needs to insert X between waw and the verbal form in this  'future
narrative', he uses wawX yqtl, exactly as wyqtl  sequence gives way to wX
qtl in the past narrative.
  Sergey Lyosov

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