w+x+yqtl in a sequence of weqtl's

Moon-Ryul Jung moon at sogang.ac.kr
Thu Mar 7 19:33:43 EST 2002

In Deut 30.5 -  30.8, there is a sequence of Weqtl sentences, except for
first part of 30.8, where We ATAH TASHUVE (W+X+YQTL) is inserted. 

Among the theories of Hebrew tense, I like the theory of Hatav, partly
because I
am familiar with the concepts and tools he employs to develop his theory.
According to his theory, WeQTL moves forward the reference time in the
context (generic, potential, future, etc.), like WAYYIQTL moves the
forward the reference
time in the actual or historic context. 

In this theory, W+X+YQTL in a sequence of WeQTL's is not a variation of
WeQTL, and should be explained in some way. 
According to Hativ, W+X+QTL in a sequence of WAYYIQTL's is
interpreted to introduce some background information or situation, a sort
subnarrative, where WAYYIQTL's after W+X+QTL moves the reference time
in that subnarrative context. But such an explanation would not seem to
to  Deut 30.5-8. Here  I do not see that We ATAH TASHUVE introduces a

Would you comment on it?

Moon R. Jung
Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

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