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RE:     Pictures: Self-Contained Hebrew workbook
        7 March 2002

shalom Mark,

The response of people who actually use the picture material
in   Living Biblical Hebrew for Everyone 
is heart-warming.

Here is a comment from a 60-year old lady I received this week:

"Regarding our Biblical Hebrew, we are serious about our language 
course, and continue to work on it daily. I am so thrilled as to its 
simplicity and effectiveness. It is very rewarding. "

Another comment, this week, from someone working with children 
(parentheses mark the ages of the kid!):

"Book One has been very rewarding.  David (8)
and Joy (6) have at least an 80% mastery through lesson #3.  I took them
aside individually and went over each line of three and asked them which of
these says ___. With Hannah (3), it is more difficult for me to tell what
she knows.  I would say she has about 35-40% of lesson #1 "

Well, maybe three years old is too young to expect compelling results! 

In any case, the picture listening system actually works like a real human 
language. It engages students in a way that grammar/translation simply 
can't. Plus students learn at a faster rate, about double. 

Your biggest problem will be price, (3 CDs cost money to produce) 
but if you are running a group there are group/bookstore prices available.

Contact Gary at

At the heart of the Biblical Language Center is the idea that learning 
to read biblical texts in the original languages is a normal human 
activity, for all those "created in the image". 
Finding methods that actually work and that lead to 
internalization of the languages is our job.


Randall Buth, PhD
Director, Biblical Language Center
and Lecturer, Biblical Hebrew 
Rothberg International School
Hebrew University

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