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Dear Ian,

it's not Hebrew at all, but I noticed that in Genesis 3, the man and the
woman both get the same sentence (punishment) for their disobedience, in
English we can say they both get "Hard Labour".

This English pun even works in nicely as a contrast with God's rest in
Genesis 2.

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Ian Goldsmith wrote:

> Good Morning All.
> Liz gave me a good line on a pun in Genesis 3 a while
> back and it was mentioned that there are others.
> Anyone know where one might find any 'others'?
> It's a bit frivolous I know, but interesting anomalies
> in the Hebrew text help to grab students interest and
> encourage them to want to learn more. So if you have
> any such puns and anomalies I'd be grateful for them.
> Many thanks.
> Ian.
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> Ian Goldsmith.
> England.
> Dibrah Torah kilshone bnei-adam
> 'The Torah spoke in the language of ordinary men.'
> Berakot 31b
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