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Speaking about puns, there's also the two lambs:
In Gen. 29:6 and 9, Rachel (who's name means "ewe") "ba'a 'im hatson"
("comes with the sheep"). As in baa baa black sheep.
But in 1 Sam. 15:14, Samuel asks Saul, "me'e qol hatson ani shomea'" ("what
is the sound of sheep that I hear". (This is familiar to anyone who has
participated in the synagogue service on the Sabbath before Purim).

So I guess a Dtr sheep goes me'e, while a JE sheep goes ba'a.


At 11:29 AM 6/28/2002 -0500, Tyler Connoley wrote:
>On 6/28/02 5:00 AM, Ian Goldsmith wrote:
>> Liz gave me a good line on a pun in Genesis 3 a while
>> back and it was mentioned that there are others.
>So, what's the pun in Genesis 3? I love a good pun, though I have to say
>seminary has made me better at finding the double entendres in the text ‹
>Boaz had lots of seed, but no wife to uncover his feet. Wink. Wink.
>³The person who says it cannot be done
>should not interrupt the person doing it.²
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