creation and apparatuses (apparati)

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Im new to this group, and new to the study of biblical Hebrew.  But I do
want to ask a question make a point.  WOuld not the G-d be consistent?  In
my studies I tend to try and se if a theme or a hypothesis can be answered
by another portion of scripture.  SInce G-d would not be contridictory, what
does the rest of the Torah have to say about working 7 days straight.  To
include the working of the land (how many years the land was to be worked
and then given rest) etc.?  (I am familiar with this partially but I am
gratly interested in this other aspect of this conversation.


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> God finished his work on the 7th day,
> that means he worked on the seventh day.

Not necessarily. That God "finished/completed" his work on the seventh day
does not necessarily mean that he actually did work on the seventh day. I
can also mean that his all was completed by that day.

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