Tip: Program for beginner's Hebrew

Christian M. M. Brady cbrady at tulane.edu
Thu Jun 27 22:30:49 EDT 2002

On 6/27/02 11:25 AM, "Tony Larsson" <cl8tlars at cling.gu.se> wrote:

> To all who teach beginner's Hebrew:
> I just completed an interactive applet for learning the alphabet and the
> meaning of biblical names in an easy and fun way. Good for introducing new
> students and creating an interest. Check it out at:
> http://www.cling.gu.se/~cl8tlars/hebrew
> Alternative address soon to be active:
> http://flash.to/hebrew
> Glory to God in the highest!
> Tony Larsson
Hi Tony. Interesting. Just a note, your site DOES work with Mac OSX and
OmniWeb 4.1 and Internet Explorer 5.2. My guess as to why it doesn't work
with some is that the users (and their browsers) may not have the latest
Java (assuming that is what you use) to make it happen.

cbrady @ tulane.edu

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