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Hi Joe,

I suggest you read any basic text on the documentary hypothesis of the
authorship of the Pentateuch (Torah). I'd suggest R. E. Friedman's Who
Wrote the Bible?, which offers the clearest and most interesting
introduction to the hypothesis for students. You can also see some of it
online at

For the moment, D stands for Deuteronomy, Dtr stands for the
Deuteronomistic History (Joshua-Kings) which seems to have been written by
an author or authors directly influenced by D (maybe even the same one who
wrote D). 

P stands for the Priestly Source, that is those parts of the Torah that
were probably written by the priests (kohanim) in the Temple, including
most of the laws and narrative in Leviticus and Numbers. Most scholars also
assume that the "first version" of the creation story (Gen. 1-2:4) is also
part of P.

According to most scholars, D was either written or "rediscovered" during
the time of King Josiah (about 620 BCE), and Dtr was written under its
influence and completed during the exile. 

Most scholars assume that P is either exilic or post-exilic, "throwing
back" the laws of the Second Temple to Moses, although some think that it
is earlier. If this is correct, then the D version of the Ten Commandments
is actually earlier than the written form of the P creation story and maybe
of the Exodus version of the Ten Commandments as well.

As far as 6 or 7 days, you are correct, it is 6+ the Sabbath.


At 06:11 PM 6/26/2002 -0400, VALEDICTION wrote:
>Hi Yigal...
>Just so I can follow this discussion (sounds interesting) I need to know
>what your abbreviations stand for (i.e., D, Dtr, and P)??  (Sorry, I'm a
>Also, you say 7-day creation but don't you mean 6-day creation?  I think all
>would agree that no "melachah" (creative work) took place on day 7...
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>> Does the D version of the Fourth Commandment (Sabbath) deny a 7-day
>> creation? Does D or even Dtr anywhere display an awareness of the P
>> creation story?
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