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A new edition for the study of Ancient Near Eastern languages has just

editors: Reinhard G. Lehmann (Mainz) and Josef Tropper (Berlin)

Its first volume is now available:

J. Tropper: Ugaritisch. Kurzgefasste Grammatik mit Uebungstexten und
Glossar. ELO 1.
(ca. 170 pp.; 28,- EUR; Muenster 2002; ISBN 3-934628-17-6)

The volume offers a complete grammar of the Ugaritic
language by Josef Tropper, including writing system, phonology,
morphology and syntax. Provided with annotated text examples and a
glossary it is designed to serve in classes as well as autodidactic
studies. Since it has been given the same structure as the comprehensive

"Ugaritische Grammatik" (AOAT 273, Muenster 2000) by the same author, it

will be easy to find extensive information in case of more intensive

The edition ELO in general will provide grammars and manuals for the
teaching of
Ancient Near Eastern languages - Semitic languages (Old
Ethiopic, Biblical Aramaic, Epigraphical Aramaic, Epigraphical Hebrew,
Samaritan Hebrew, Phoenician, babylonian-talmudic Aramaic, Syriac,
Mandaic etc.), as well as
others (Hittite, Luwian etc.); introductions of Semitic languages and
Semitic alphabetic writing systems will be published too. The volumes
will be written in German or English. The prizes will be moderate to
students to buy the books.

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