What did Elijah hear at Horeb?

Alastair Haines haines at alastairs.com
Sat Jun 22 09:27:26 EDT 2002

Dear B Hebrew people,

would someone help me please.

1 Kings 19:13 tells us, "Vayhi *kishema* Eliyyahu vayyalet panayv
beederto vayyetse ..."

I would like to know more about what it was that Elijah *heard* that
prompted him to:
1. cover his face and yet
2. go out of the cave.
What was the sound or voice, "... qol demamah daqqah," at the end of
verse 12?

Are there modern Hebrew or Arabic words like "Demamah" and "Daqqah"?

Alastair Haines 9386-0016
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