Psalm 110:1,5

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Fri Jun 21 14:37:48 EDT 2002

Dear Friends,

  I was interested in the usage of )aDoNiY and )aDoNaY
in Psalm 110:1,5. I realize that in vs.1, the noun is
in the 1st common singular "my Lord" with the use of
the hireq vowel under the nun, and in vs.5 the plural
pronomial suffix is used, "my Lords",with the patah
vowel under the nun but translated into English as "The
Lord". The only variable here is the vowel notation
which only came later through the Masoretes, while the
consonants remain the same, )DNY. It is interesting
that YHWH who addresses )aDoNiY in 110:1 is also
referred to by the same title in vs.5. In the LXX this
is more pronounced where KURIOS is used of both YHWH
and the one he addresses. I would be interested in any
comments on this passage.Many thanks.

                                Tony Costa
                                University of Toronto

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