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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Sun Jun 16 20:47:17 EDT 2002

>Maybe true, maybe not. See,

 From the first URL:

Claim:   An unburned Bible was found amidst the charred wreckage of 
the Pentagon after the September 11 terrorist attack.

They were wrong about the claim, that's not what was claimed, so 
everything else they say may be wrong, too.

I heard this from a rabbi who gave a class on predictions and 
theories in the Prophets and Gemarra and Kabbala, about the coming of 
the Messiah, and the  final war of Gog and Magog (Armageddon), etc.

He told us that someone called him to tell him this, and he asked the 
person to VERIFY it.  I think he showed us a newspaper or magazine 
article with a photograph.

I didn't pay so much attention to what he held up in front of us, 
because I trusted his honesty and integrity.

I didn't think it was off topic on this list, because if it is true, 
it puts the Bible into a certain perspective, which not everyone here 
agrees with; I thought it was instructive.


> (for the reports of
>what was found, I am not endorsing the theology here).

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