re'em and unicorn and wild ox

Sat Jun 15 19:38:50 EDT 2002

From: "Ben and Jo Crick" <ben.crick at>
>  Rhinoceros is my candidate for Re'em. It has one notable horn between its
>  eyes (compare Daniel 8:5, Tsaphiyr, he-goat). One notable horn; and one
>  insignificant horn behind it (cf Daniel 8:9).

Or maybe Re'em simply means Ram... take the Rahameem Ram for instance...
tradition says that he had two horns, but then he gave one of them up to Eli
who made a shofar out of it...

Now a ram with one horn might seem silly to some, but Rahameem was pleased
at the good deed he'd done.

Actually, looking beyond my poor attempt at comic relief, there's actually a
good point to consider in this poem...

There are situations when even a two-horned creature can have only one horn.
For instance, one horn could knocked off during a battle.  Or one could,
perhaps, be speaking of a younger animal with only one horn grown... (i.e.,
there are hunting guidelines that prohibit the hunting of certain young game
by categorizing some as game "with only one horn").

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there for what it's worth...

Joe Glean  --junior member--

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