bibliog question: "Sefer Dov Sadan"

Soren Holst sh at
Sat Jun 15 06:45:53 EDT 2002

This is probably one for the Israelis on the list (or someone with a very
well stocked library): 

Ze'ev Ben-Hayyim makes reference in the English translation of his Samaritan
grammar to having published an article on the tenses in Samaritan Hebrew in
"Sefer Dov Sadan", ed. S. Werses, Tel-Aviv 1977.

I can find no trace of this thing anywhere, and I've diligently searched the
on-line database of the Jewish National Library in Giv'at Ram, Jerusalem
(plus a few other Israeli libraries).

What am I doin' wrong? ... :-) 

thanks in advance 
Soren Holst 

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