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Wed Jun 12 14:31:22 EDT 2002

List members might like to know that today James R. Adair
General Editor, TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
announced :

 >>> Richard Weis has written an article entitled "Biblia Hebraica Quinta 
and the Making of Critical Editions of the Hebrew Bible," now published in 
TC volume 7. He compares BHQ (he's a member of the editorial committee) 
with earlier publications in the BH series and with other Hebrew Bible 
projects currently underway<<<

The article is available at:

To get full value from the article you will need to have SPTiberian and 
SPIonic fonts on your computer -- they are available for download by going 
to the home page:
However, there is a text-only version and a transliterated version of the 
article available also.


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