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> dear friends,
> at the encouragement of some peers, i've decided to write up
> a piece on
> the hurvitz argumentation.  i hope to have a draft for review
> up by the end
> of the week.
> in the meantime, one of the ironies of his studies, i think,
> is that by
> arguing against the Wellhausen scheme, and correctly (!), his
> results are
> also compatible with the minimalist scheme. using documents
> to show the
> distinction, and assuming E2=P, and that D is ca. 600, and that
> necessarily J < E:
> (1) (traditional)	J < E1 < E2 < D
> (2) (Wellhausen)	J < E1 < D < E2
> hurvitz can be shown to be arguing that E1 < E2, necessarily, with no
> intercalation... which is probably correct.  he says that
> implies (1) and
> only (1).  however, (3) is also a logical possibility (and in
> my opinion,
> probably correct):
> (3) (minimalism)	D < J < E1 < E2

Dear VIncent, why is D placed at 600? I know the frame may be late,
but I place core D to 700, right after 701. The requirement of one
place of worship is the response to the destruction of every other place
worship by the Assrians in their whole series of onslaughts which ended
in 701 and the miraculous saving of Jerusalem. The author knows that
Jerusalem is the place God chose, because God allowed every single
other place to be destroyed.
We need to disentangle Josiah's putative reform from D.
I don't know about your order of the books, but in any case, everything
to be pushed  back 100 years imo.
(I've an article coming out in JAOS on the reforms of Josiah and
in which I try to show that neither is historical. If so, we can forget
assuming that D is the book found in the temple, and unlink the reform
and the book.
I discuss the date of D briefly as an appendix to the article.)
> just a thought for the week. ;-)
> salaam/shalom,
> V--
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