New Competition Promoting Coexistence

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Here's some good news:

**New Competition Promoting Coexistence to Test Knowledge of Bible, Quran

A new competition testing knowledge of both the Bible and the Quran is
currently being held in the Gilboa Regional Council in northern Israel,
YEDIOT AHARONOT reported. The preliminary round of the competition,
featuring 48 Jewish and Muslim high school students, started on Wednesday.
The goal of the competition is for Jewish students to profess knowledge of
the Quran and for Muslim students to profess knowledge of the Bible, in
order to promote tolerance, peace and coexistence. Sixteen students will
compete in the competition's final round, scheduled to be held next week.
One participating student, Shahed Kassem from the Mukabala village, said,
"I am happy about the opportunity to study the Bible. Before the
competition, I knew nothing of the Bible. And, I had the chance to get to
know some new Jewish friends." Another participant, Timna Ben from Moshav
Dvora, said that she is thrilled about the chance to study the Quran, and
is excited to meet new Arab friends.
The competition was initiated by the head of the regional council, Danny
Attar, together with regional high schools. It is the first time ever that
a competition tested the knowledge of both holy books concomitantly. 


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