Eze 27:6

Kirk Lowery klowery at wts.edu
Fri Jun 7 11:06:51 EDT 2002

This might be a good time to explain how our discussion list works:

When you first subscribe, the conferencing software is configured so
that the first five messages must be approved by one of the moderators
(there are four of us; hi, Brian! :-). After that, there is no automatic
moderation of posts; they are immediately sent out to the list.

However, if we co-chairs are busy, and don't get around to it, then the
moderation queues are set to flush all messages out once every 24 hours
at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

So...if you normally are a "lurker," you may have never crossed the 5
message boundary, even if you've been a list member for a long time.

The moral to this story: post at least five messages and get past the
initial moderation boundary!


B-Hebrew co-chair

Tyler Connoley wrote:
 > On 6/6/02 7:34 AM, Tyler Connoley wrote:
 >>I was thinking about this again before I went to sleep last night.
 > This took a full day to get approved. I was actually thinking about 
it the
 > night before last, and have since read Ben's response and the notes in my
 > Biblia Hebraica.
 > -Tyler

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