Of Fathers and Sons

Christian M. M. Brady cbrady at tulane.edu
Fri Jun 7 10:12:52 EDT 2002

On 6/6/02 9:24 AM, "Frank J. Schmuck" <fschmuck at charter.net> wrote:

> In America we approach the day when fatherhood is celebrated.  This has
> me reflecting upon the relationships between fathers and sons found in
> the text.  With the notable exception of David and Solomon there seems
> to be a pattern where the father is faithful but the son(s) fall short
> when trying to follow behind the father.
> I am at a loss to identify additional good models other than the one
> mentioned above, am I missing some?
> I was wondering if the subject has been well researched and if there is
> consensus for the pattern.
Well, although they are far from perfect (but neither was their father) I
would say that Isaac and Jacob are decent sons. Jacob tricks his dad, but he
goes on to be a "better" person.

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