Jeftah's daughter - a misunderstanding?

Tyler Connoley johntyler at
Wed Jun 5 12:52:51 EDT 2002

On 6/4/02 12:48 PM, Ewan MacLeod wrote:

> Indeed, it is possible that Jephthah's daughter could still have
> been alive (although old) by the time Hannah made her vow. It would be nice
> to think that Jephthah's daughter would have looked after Samuel - after
> all, would Hannah want Eli, an old man, to look after him? Or those two
> notorious sons of his?


I don't buy the first part of your argument (that "hu" means "to God"), for
all the reasons people have mentioned. However, this is a wonderful midrash.

Whatever the historicity, you've taken an ambiguity in the story (was she
killed, or not) and filled it with this possibility. Of course you can't
prove or disprove it, but it's interesting to think about. And you can be
sure that the next time I read 1 Sam, I'm going to be seeing Jepthah's
daughter peeking out between the lines.

Thanks for your thoughts.

               It¹s legit. 

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