The daughter of Jeftah died? (Christian)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Jun 4 07:42:09 EDT 2002

>> When you say "brought together" by  a D narrator,
>> who was that D-narrator, when did he live, how did
>> he know the story?
>> I sense the anger these questions arouse; we tend to
>> get angry when we run up against questions which
>> challenge the bedrock of our faith, of who we are as people.
>But Lisbeth, your questions, valid though they are, do not undermine or
>challenge whether or not the events were historical. I think everyone would
>agree that we cannot *prove* (beyond the text) that these events happened.
>In the same way none of us can *prove* (beyond the text) any theories about
>authorship and transmission with respect to, well most of the biblical
>As I said your questions are valid, but irrelevant in terms of evaluating

You have no other way of evaluating historicity other than 
to deal with the epistemological problems of the sources. 
Although it is not a sufficient condition it is a necessary 


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