The daughter of Jeftah died?

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> "THere is one child sacrifice story in Genesis, there is another in Kings
> (which gets mentioned in Joshua) and there is Ezekial's comment (I think
> chapter 22 but I don't have any texts before me) quoting Yahwah as saying
> that he gave bad laws
> to Israel by commanding them to sacrifice their first-born."

You can find 4 instances in the books of Kings which point to individual 
kings who were said to have practiced child sacrifice:

2 Kgs. 16.3   Ahaz
2 Kgs. 17.17 Hoshea (somewhat by implication)
2 Kgs. 21.6   Manasseh
2 Kgs. 23.10  Amon (by implication)

2 Chron. reiterates 2 instances.

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