The daughter of Jeftah died?

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Mon Jun 3 16:48:18 EDT 2002

--- "Lisbeth S. Fried" <lizfried at> wrote:
> If you argue that this describes an histoical event,
> then
> you must have some theory in mind describing how the
> event happened to be written down and received into
> the biblical corpus.
> What is that theory that you have?
> Liz Fried

Jephthah was a judge of Israel.  He was in a place of
leadership over a nation; it seems quite natural to me
that his the events of his life would be recorded. 
The book of Judges relates the lives of the judges of
Israel, Jephthah was one of those judges, so the
author of Judges placed this incident in the book of
Judges.  Seems logical to me.

Daniel Walin

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