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Fred Putnam fputnam at biblical.edu
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Subject: Re: hu=hi?

I used GramCord and Even-Shoshan to search the Pentateuch, and found seventeen 
occurrences of HY(, eleven of which are noted by Mp. Some notes:

1. The form does not occur in Dt.
2. The syntagm WHY( does not occur in Torah.
3. HY( occurs in six vv. that include an occurrence of feminine HW(, once (Gn 20.5) 
where HY( occurs between two occurrences of [fem.] HW( in the span of four words.
4. Eleven occurrences are not noted in the Mp of BHS (Gn 19.20; 20.5; 26.7; 40.10; Ex 
1.16; Lv 5.11).
5. In three occurrences (Lv 11.39; 16.31; 20.18) conflicting textual evidence (esp. 
Coptic) reads HW(.

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