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>There is no mistaking Is.
>30.33 and Job 31.11.  1 Kg 17.15 has both HW.) and HiY) which where has
>been felt necessary to repoint each in order to reverse the order!

Yes, there are places throughout the OT where the Masoretes have recognized a 
mistake in the consonants; and it's understandable that some such mistakes 
would creep in, considering the similarity between yod and vav. But I don't 
think textual corruption is a reasonable explanation for what we find in the 
Pentateuch. If anything, your examples from Job 31 and 1 Kgs 17 point to the 
difference between what we find in the Pentateuch and these instances--both 
passages show examples of hu written as hi, which is not part of the perpetual 
K/Q in the five books. It may not be worth mentioning, but I think the 
Masoretes also saw a difference, in that they chose to provide the consonants 
to read outside the Pentateuch.

Trevor Peterson

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