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> >     The phenomenon is correct; HW) does appear in many feminine 
> >     contexts, which is why the Masoretes pointed it as HIW) to get it 
> >     pronounced as HY). Like Trevor, I haven't seen a better 
> >     explanation, and IMNSHO the DH has been dead for ages, it just 
> >     doesn't have the good sense to realize it.
> > 
> > 
> > In your dreams, Dave.
> > 
> And considering that phenomenal screw-up of yours with the 1 
> Kings passage, I'm not sure you have any room to throw stones....

Yes, that was pretty bad, but I wasn't aware that I had thrown any stones.  
That's what I get for taking the lazy way out and rather than reading the 
Hebrew jumping to the English.  There is no mistaking Is. 30.33 and Job 
31.11.  1 Kg 17.15 has both HW.) and HiY) which where has been felt necessary 
to repoint each in order to reverse the order!


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