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Thu Jul 25 17:16:57 EDT 2002

Ian wrote:-

>>it is 
>>only in the last few years that clear evidence of planets outside our 
>>solar system has appeared. 
>This simply isn't true. Evidence for planets 
>outside the solar system has been known for as 
>long as the rhythmic wobbling of stars.

Off topic, but to clarify:-

We have one of the teams which looks for exta-solar planets here at
this University. Rolf is right. The evidence for planets outside
the solar system is recent. Some of this may depend on your 
definition of where planets stop and brown-dwarfs begin. 

If anyone is curious our team is using gravitational microlensing
events as the tool to gathering evidence of planets. I attended a
seminar last Friday where our team presented the most recent evidence
they have for the existance of extra-solar planets.

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