raqia encore

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Wed Jul 24 18:11:01 EDT 2002

Dave, I take your point. But the alternative is to allow Ian to post
unsubstantiated speculation without being challenged and totally confuse
the many lurkers on this list who may think he is some kind of
authority. I am not claiming to be an authority myself. But I do want
our lurkers to realise that there are two sides to such issues, and
encourage them to do a bit of their own research into them. In my other
recent postings I also wanted lurkers to realise that what Ian says
about Greek is contradicted by the acknowledged experts.

I will try not to enter into a prolonged discussion with Ian.

Peter Kirk

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> > Ian, you have no evidence that Enuma Elish is part of this context,
> > it was known to the author Genesis 1. The only link you mention is
> > cognate word, used in a very different sense. I agree that the link
> > possible, but not that it is indisputable. There is a little more
> > evidence that the authors of Ps 74, 89 etc were acquainted with some
> > kind of Enuma Elish tradition, but the link may be extremely
> > certainly not necessarily knowledge of a specific work.
> >
> Do we really need to go over this ground again?  It was just a few
> months ago that we went around and around over the purported
> tehom/tiamat cognate, the place of Enuma Elish in the grand
> scheme of things, and all the rest.  That discussion got nowhere;
> does anybody really think it will be different this time?
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