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Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Wed Jul 24 17:19:47 EDT 2002

> Ian, you have no evidence that Enuma Elish is part of this context, that
> it was known to the author Genesis 1. The only link you mention is one
> cognate word, used in a very different sense. I agree that the link is
> possible, but not that it is indisputable. There is a little more
> evidence that the authors of Ps 74, 89 etc were acquainted with some
> kind of Enuma Elish tradition, but the link may be extremely tenuous,
> certainly not necessarily knowledge of a specific work.
Do we really need to go over this ground again?  It was just a few 
months ago that we went around and around over the purported 
tehom/tiamat cognate, the place of Enuma Elish in the grand 
scheme of things, and all the rest.  That discussion got nowhere; 
does anybody really think it will be different this time?

Dave Washburn
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