An orange world.

Wed Jul 24 06:34:14 EDT 2002

Hmmm... I seem to remember there being some mention that the first five
messages posted by a new member have to be reviewed by one of the list
moderators before they are posted.  My guess is that there is simply a delay
because, as is my conjecture, Diego's follow-up messages have yet to be

As they say, this isn't Domino's Pizza, ya know...

Joe Glean --junior member--

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From: "Lisbeth S. Fried" <lizfried at>
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 7:32 PM

> Diego (not Ya'akov) says he cannot send messages to
> the list. (Why can't he?) He asked me to forward it.
> I'm glad to help.
> Liz

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