FW: An orange world.

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Tue Jul 23 19:32:32 EDT 2002

Diego (not Ya'akov) says he cannot send messages to
the list. (Why can't he?) He asked me to forward it.
I'm glad to help.

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> Sent: Tue, July 23, 2002 7:09 PM
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> Subject: RE: An orange world.
> Hi Liz,
> thanks for helping me out. I really get confused with
> all this languages, i speak 7 of them, and sometimes is
> hard to me to focus on only one of them :-)
> I'm wirting this mail to thank you and to beg a thing...
> I can't send messages to the list, i don't know why, so
> till there, i would like you to send a message for me if
> possible, ok?
> The message starts here:
> Hi everybody
> first of all i want to thanks all the people that sent
> message on my mail, i liked it a lot. Thanks Ian for
> correcting my tongue mother :-)
> Well, I don't have the exact phrase written in Talmud,
> and nor the exact verscile, but i'll search it and give
> it to you.
> When the Talmud says that the world is like an orange
> (or citron, or any oval fruit), it says that is equal in
> shape. Both are oval.
> Till I don't have the reference, i give you this site
> that has all the subjects written in Talmud, is a very
> intereseting one, give a look, maybe there is the
> refrence of the earth's shape too.
> http://www.aishdas.org/webshas/lead/science.htm
> Just to end the e-mail, i would like to say, that
> according to my point of view (you'll get to know it,
> it's a very intereseting one, i can assure you, since i
> studied both scientific and religious sides, and that
> i'm 16 yrs old), Columbus was Jewish, and yes he had
> this information, same way that Nostradamus (jewish) had
> access to the Zohar prophecies, and made little changes
> on them (who knows it, will see its the same thing).
> That's all i think
> Any questions don't hesitate in asking me
> I would like to help
> Thanks again for your help and welcome :-)
> Diego (not Ya'akov)
> Thanks a lot and sorry for disturbing you
> Kisses
> Diego
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