is columbus jewish?

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I found a place where the "etrog" or "citron" is said to have been called
"the orb of the world" by a hasidic writer.  I cannot trace back the
primary source.  The orange as we know it was not introduced to the western
world until about AD 1500, which raises doubts whether an ancient writer
"3000 years before Columbus" could have compared the world to an "orange."
The citron, however, was native to the fertile crescent -- perhaps it's
just a matter of assigning the appropriate English label to the fruit.
Incidentally, oranges, lemons, and limes may have been around the Middle
East prior to Roman times due to Arabic trade to the Far East, but they did
not come to the attention of Western culture at that time.

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Shalom Diego (is that Ya'akov?) and welcome,

Can you tell me where the Talmud says that the world is like an orange?


At 05:42 PM 7/22/2002 -0300, diegorai at wrote:
>Hi Everybody,
>i just entered the mailing list and found it very
>interesting. First of all, i want to beg excuses for my
>english, since i'm brazilian and don't know it a lot.
>With the time, you'll get to know me, by now i can say
>i'm 16 years old, i study the old testament since i was
>a child, in the hebrew language, cause its easier to me
>since i was born in Jerusalem, and hebrew is my tongue
>I was reading the messages and i saw some of them where
>you were discussing if Columbus is Jew or not. Well, i
>think it really doesn't matter, since he gave a good
>contribution of ideas to the world, but there is a thing
>that can e viewed at another way.
>He knew the world was spheric, because he is jew.
>Yes, that is. By being Jewish, certainly he read (past)
>the jewish books, such as the Talmud, that is an
>interpretation of Torah (old testment). In Talmud is
>written that the World is like an orange. This is
>written almost 3000 thousand years before Columbus
>birth. So, probabbly he knew that, like many other jews,
>that believed the Torah and read (past) the Talmud.
>Sorry if this message is not on the topic, but i tought
>it is interesting to know.
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