is columbus jewish?

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Shalom Diego (is that Ya'akov?) and welcome,

Can you tell me where the Talmud says that the world is like an orange?


At 05:42 PM 7/22/2002 -0300, diegorai at wrote:
>Hi Everybody,
>i just entered the mailing list and found it very 
>interesting. First of all, i want to beg excuses for my 
>english, since i'm brazilian and don't know it a lot.
>With the time, you'll get to know me, by now i can say 
>i'm 16 years old, i study the old testament since i was 
>a child, in the hebrew language, cause its easier to me 
>since i was born in Jerusalem, and hebrew is my tongue 
>I was reading the messages and i saw some of them where 
>you were discussing if Columbus is Jew or not. Well, i 
>think it really doesn't matter, since he gave a good 
>contribution of ideas to the world, but there is a thing 
>that can e viewed at another way.
>He knew the world was spheric, because he is jew.
>Yes, that is. By being Jewish, certainly he read (past) 
>the jewish books, such as the Talmud, that is an 
>interpretation of Torah (old testment). In Talmud is 
>written that the World is like an orange. This is 
>written almost 3000 thousand years before Columbus 
>birth. So, probabbly he knew that, like many other jews, 
>that believed the Torah and read (past) the Talmud.
>Sorry if this message is not on the topic, but i tought 
>it is interesting to know.
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>Assine já!
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