God Measured?

Yigal Levin Yigal-Levin at utc.edu
Tue Jul 23 09:27:31 EDT 2002

In an article published in JANES 27 (2000), Rainey suggested that Gen. 2:2
"wykl elhym" be understood as "And God measured the work he had done.."
rathen than the usual "completed". His theory is that this "wykl" is from
the root *kwl/kyl "to measure", as in Is. 40:12 "wkl bsls". He quotes Enuma
Elish IV 141, where Marduk measures the abyss. This would end the need for
"creative interpretaion" to explain how God, after finishing on the sixth
day, then has to finish again on the seventh day.

Any thought on this?

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