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Actually, the version that I heard was that several of his crew were secret
Jews (the term "Maranno", meaning "swine", is derogatory). This may very
well be a legend, but we should remember that the year of Columbus' voyage,
1492, was also the year of the great expulsion of the Jews from Spain,
scattering the "Sephardi" communities throughout Europe, the Mid East and
eventually the New World.


At 06:24 PM 7/19/2002 -0500, Jack Kilmon wrote:
>uh...Columbus was Italian....from Genoa.  The Marannos were sephardic Jews
>who, at first, were forced into baptism as Christians and prohibited, on
>pain of death, from practicing their religion. As generations went by, by
>the time of Columbus, many SPANISH  families were of Jewish descent without
>knowing it.  This is even true of today.  My grandmother was Spamish and I
>only recently discovered of Sephardic blood.  But Columbus, Christofero
>Colombo, contrary to urban legend due to his association with the Spaniish
>court, was NOT spanish.
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>> As I understand, he was a Marrano (secretly a Jew, to escape death)
>> shoshanna
>> Some may find it interesting to note, as I understand it, that some
>> believe that Columbus was a Sephardic Jew, who undertook the trip partly
>> to escape persecution.
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