where is YHWH -- was raqia encore

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> Some indications regarding rqy`:

>   And the Lord made the expanse, upbearing it with three fingers,
>   between the confines of the heavens and the waters of the ocean,
>   and separated between the waters which were below the expanse,
>   and the waters which were above, in the collection (or covering)
>   of the expanse; and it was so. And the Lord called the expanse
>   the Heavens. And it was evening, and it was morning, the Second
>   Day.

This suggests that God is under it, holding it up.
Not on it.
A student once asked me where God was, on top or under it.
I answered on top, because of the scenes in Ezekiel and Exodus
24. Tho of course he walks in the gardern of Eden.
But this suggests that the targumist interprets him as under it,
standing on the earth.

> Ian
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