Columbus - off topic

Fri Jul 19 23:02:29 EDT 2002

A comment/question about Columbus being a Jew:

One does not have to look far to find great historical figures who were
Jewish... the Bible is full of them.  Why, then, would one tread so
dangerously close to the realm of historical revisionism to simply squeeze
one more name onto the list?  Don't get me wrong... Columbus is certainly an
inspiring historical figure, but he was no King Solomon... not by a long

However, if Columbus were indeed a Jew living his whole life in secret, that
would seem to make him a bit less of a hero.  After all, how many Bible
heroes lived their entire lives in denial of their faith?  The Bible seems
to describe all of its heroes as being bold witnesses of the God of their

In light of the information that has been passed on through history, it
seems much more plausible to believe that Columbus were an Evangelical
Christian, journeying onward toward a new world in which to further spread
the Gospel.  This might explain why a full team of proselytizing Christians
accompanied him on his journey.  And--if this alternate conjecture be
true--it may help validate the opinion that Columbus was indeed a bold hero
of his religious faith.

Joe Glean --junior member--

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