Rolf Furuli furuli at online.no
Fri Jul 19 10:18:12 EDT 2002

Dear Ian,

All the examples with specific verses are listed in Appendix 1F of 
New World Translation with References, Rev. ed. (1984), New Tork: 
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, INC. This translation 
is a real gold mine for several reasons, but few list members have 
discovered it. You can get a similar Reference edition in Italian 
with the same Appendix.



Rolf Furuli

University of Oslo

>First the data is only *approximative*, in that
>the calculations were done by hand, so they
>figures will not be exact. The table is meant
>to be indicative.
>I note Rolf's figure for h'lhym (and thanks for
>your interesting comments, Rolf) of 376 (=368),
>yet I get only 337 for a simple literal search.
>Rolf, how did you get 376?

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