Isaiah 40:22

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Thu Jul 18 15:21:21 EDT 2002

I would think that the "circle" pictured here is the horizon, circling our
whole flat Earth and the Ocean (read: Tehom) on which it floats.


At 03:11 PM 7/18/2002 -0400, Randall Buth wrote:
>Please excuse this if duplicate,
>but it appears that your question wasn't answered.
>>How is the expression "circle of the earth" to be viewed based on the the
>>original Hebrew word "chuwg" as found at Isaiah 40:22
>The circle is the circle that the sun cuts through the heavens (sky).
>The Lord sits at the top of that circle, or semi-circle. 
>Please note: the circle is pictured verticle to the land and does not 
>refer to the horizon or to the earth's surface. 
>Randall Buth
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