Isaiah 40:22 - Circle of the earth

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>  For example, do you agree that this usage refers to the
> > "promised land?":
> No. The promised land is Israel.
> That's the whole point, in fact.
> That's why Isaiah refers to YHWH as the god of Israel.
> Israel is both Judah and Samaria combined, the Southern Levant.
> Isaiah doesn't refer to the God of Judah, or of the Jews.
> Yet, while in Babylon the people refered to themselves as Jews
> from Judah, and the returnees referred to themselves
> as Jews, as did the Jews in Elephantine.
> But YHWH is the god of Israel even in Ezra (Ezra 1:3).

 W:NfTfT.iY L:Kf W.L:ZaR:(:aKf )X:aReYKf )"T )Re+ M:GuReYKf )"T K.fL_)eRe+ 
K.:Na(aN La):aXuZ.aT (oWLfM

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