Isaiah 40:22 - Circle of the earth

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Thu Jul 18 10:57:04 EDT 2002

> <Liz>
> >>Perhaps you mean the land of ISRAEL here.
> <Bill>
> I'm not sure of what the proper term is. I mean, what was is
> the generic
> name for the area, regardless of political control? In other
> words, when
> Abraham was a stranger in "the land", what was it called?
> That is why I
> chose the word Palestine, hoping I had chosen the word that
> referred to
> it as a region, not as a Jewish holding.
Then it was Canaan.
However, Deutero-Isaiah referred to the God of Israel,
and to the Land of Israel.
If we're talking about Isaiah, and if we're talking about
the *Biblical* writers, it should surely be called Israel.
If you refer to particular areas, you could distinguish
Judah and Samaria. If you refer to "Palestine" then you
refer to the coastal areas, controlled by the Philistines
during the 11th century.
And if Lemche objects, he has not shown that Herodotus,
writing in the 5th century, refers to more than the coast
when he refers to Palestine. If you refer to the land under
the Persians, you could refer to the province of Yehud,
or the satrapy of Beyond the River. If under the Romans,
you could refer to Coele-Syria (All or Greater Syria).
However, if you refer to the *modern* state, then it is still
Israel, it has not yet been partitioned.

> Bill Ross
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