6. Mainzer Hebraistisches Kolloquium

Dr. Reinhard G.Lehmann lehmann at mail.uni-mainz.de
Thu Jul 18 06:57:34 EDT 2002

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Dear colleague,

The 6th Hebraist Colloquium at Mainz University will be held on
saturday, november 9th 2002. As every year, participation is free.
The main lectures will be held by Prof. Dr. Walter Gross (University of
Tuebingen) and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Ehlich (University of Munich).
We would be glad to see you this year in Mainz. For better planning, if
you want to participate, please contact us until october, 15th, 2002.

Proposals for additional short paper presentations (English or German)
up to 20 minutes are welcome to the undersigned via email or surface
mail until 15th of September. They will be accepted in order of arrival.

The program is as follows:

9.30h     coffee or tea

10.00h    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Ehlich (Munich):
          "Der Nominalsatz als Problem für die

11.30h    Prof. Dr. Walter Gross (Tuebingen):
          "Satzteilfolge ? Aufmerksamkeitsleitung ?
          Gedankenfuehrung in biblisch-hebraeischen

13.00h    Lunch

14.30h    Dr. Achim Mueller (Worms)
          "Einige Erwägungen zur Klassifikation hypotaktischer
          Sätze im biblischen Hebräisch"

15.15h    short paper presentation, communications and
          exchange of informations about projects

          open end

Actual information will be available at:

Best regards

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