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Wed Jul 10 13:48:14 EDT 2002

The pointed text of the Hebrew Bible is available from certain websites,
including: (this site is all in Hebrew) (this site is in French, also has a beta
version of a cantillated text of Genesis, which sort of works but is not
very tidy)

These can probably be viewed on a Mac at least with MS Internet
Explorer. As for importing it into Nisus, I think there is a way to do
it, but better ask Nisus about that.

I was about to write that you could get the cantillated text only as
part of an expensive software package. But I see that much of it is on
offer for 10 Swiss francs at

Peter Kirk

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> Subject: Torah Download.
> Many thanks to everyone that gave me advice on
> word-processing for the Mac.
> I've already got Nisus, but prefer Quark for nearly
> everything else. So... I'm trying to go around the
> problem a little laterally (the language kit from
> Apple seemed a bit pricey).
> Can anyone give me a link (if one exists) to a site
> that I can download a pointed version of the Hebrew
> text from? I'm already the proud owner of the Online
> Bible, mainly because it's not expensive, but although
> I've got the BHS installed on it, it's only the
> consonantal text.
> Forgive me if the request sounds a little
> technologically challenged, but again I'd value your
> advice.
> Vowels/nikud etc seem to be a bit of a headache. If I
> can import a text with them already attached it would
> be a great leap forward!
> Once again many thanks.
> Ian.
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