Learning Hebrew cantillation

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Tue Jul 9 12:17:49 EDT 2002

Here's a site which might help you understand the marks better, though
not how to sing them:


Peter Kirk

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> >Dear fellow-listers,
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> >thanks for input on Is 62:5. Now I have another question, less
> >text-related:
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> >Are there any good pages for learning Hebrew cantillation on-line? My
> >BHS came with a card giving the names of all the symbols in the
> >but that didn't help me to really use them and sing the texts myself.
> There's an excellent site with audio recordings of cantillation for
all of
> the
> Torah readings (and I think the Haftorah, too) at
> http://bible.ort.org/intro1.asp?lang=1
> I don't know how much it will help you learn what to do with the
> markings, but it's a start anyway.
> Trevor Peterson
> CUA/Semitics
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