Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Tue Jul 9 02:55:39 EDT 2002

Thanks for the comments of Yigal, Peter and Trevor.

I'll demur on most of them. Let me just fuel the fire 
with the following (remembering that the example of 
Hilkiah I gave cuts both ways as do these):

(+ = tet; Q = theta)
xbr    Jdg  LXX Xaber  Vulg Aber   
       1Ch 4:18 Aber 7:31 & 7:21 Xaber 8:17  Abar,  All 1Ch Vulg Heber

xbwr   2Ki 17:6  Abwr Vulg Habor  1Ch 5:26  Xabwr Vulg Abor

x+w$   1Ch 3:22  LXX Xattous  Lucianic Atous
       Ezr 8:2   LXX Tous  Alex. & Lucianic Attous  

xlc    2Sa 23:26 LXX Zellhs  Alex. Ellhs Lucianic Xallhs
      =1Ch 11:27 LXX Xellhs  Lucianic Ellhs

xlkt   Jos 21:31 LXX Xelkat  Alex. Qelkat Lucianic Xalkaq
           19:25 LXX Elekeq  Alex. Xelkaq Lucianic Elkaq


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