Your sons or your Builder? (Is 62:5)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Sun Jul 7 20:13:24 EDT 2002

> Ah, I see the reason now (though it is only justifiable in hindsight:
> KJV and the English RV, which long predate the Qumran discoveries, have
> the simile): BHS margin suggests the reading K.IB:(OL in place of
> K.IY-YIB:(AL, quoting Qumran Isaiah A (does this actually read just
> KB(L, anyone? Or is there even one yod?) 

Actually, at the beginning of v.5 it reads KIY) KB)L, which is to say it 
has both.  It can be viewed at
50.htm which is a photo of the page in question (this site has the 
entire scroll in photo format).  So BHS is correct but only in part.  I'm 
not sure why they chose to ignore the KIY) though......

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