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>>construct state, and heim [literally] "they", alludes to all other forces.
>>Thus Elohim means "the Force of all forces".
>The last time I checked (just now) this was still a list for the 
>discussion of Biblical Hebrew - not Talmud, not Kabbala. ):eLoH"NW. is a 
>plural form with the 1st pl pronominal suffix.  If you wish to ascribe 
>some other meaning to the word than that which is indicated by the lexica 
>or which might be derived from a rereading of some texts (whether in 
>Hebrew or a cognate language), I would suggest that this is not the place 
>for it.

I think that an object look at the Tenach shows that 'Elokim' is used as 
BOTH singular and plural. It is one of a number of Hebrew words that are of 
the plural form, but used for singular and plural. (Look at Exodus 7:1 for 
a good example of it's use in the singular.)

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