Elohim plurality

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Shalom b-Hebrew

Schmuel quoting Daniel Segraves..
> >   Elohim is a masculine plural noun. Eloah, the singular form of the
>word, > appears 54 times and is also used in reference to both the true God
>and to > false gods. Eloah is from the Hebrew El, which appears 226 times.  El
> > signifies strength and power. >  <snip>

Peter Kirk,
>Well, 'EL may be a contracted form of 'ELOAH  (though hardly vice versa)
>or otherwise derived from the root 'LH; or it may be derived from the
>root 'YL meaning "strength, power", as in 'AYIL "ram", "leader". But I
>don't see how both of these can be true at the same time. BDB has a
>summary of some options (pp.41-42), but a lot of this is pure speculation.
Hi Peter,

Ptting aside the relationship between the forms..

Do you find Daniel's Segrave's discussion of Elohim and plurality basically 
sound..... ?

It is the only such fairly complete grammar discussion that I have
found on the Net  :-)

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